Newsletter 5 | 2012

Newsletter 5 | 2012

Harvest time is coming closer and Kientalerhof is filled with gratitude!
The summer was luscios and beautiful – and despite long periods of rain we enjoyed the warmth, the sunshine on the terrace, the pool, the wonderful open air festival and the colourful vibrancy to the fullest.

Kientalerhof Newsletter Kurs ButohIn the last seminar „The connection between JINEN Butoh, your body and you“ the topic of gratitude came out in a special way. In the wonderful nature of Kiental we danced – each of us our own dance.
Kientalerhof Newsletter Kurs Butoh Atsushi Takenouchi

Here you will find more pictures of the Butoh course.

In the sharing circle at the end of the course one participant expressed, that she had learnt the true meaning of gratitude during this week and was deeply touched by this feeling.

We would love to pass on this atmosphere to you, share this gratitude with you and say thank you! Thank you for coming here and always coming back. Thank you for being a part of Kientalerhof, for your interest in our seminars. Thank you, that you celebrate with us, that you enjoy, learn and lie in the sun with us.
We would like to invite you to share your thoughts on gratitude. What does it mean to you to be grateful? How do you express thankfulness? What in your life are you most grateful for? Here you can write your input.
Or did you experience something special in one of our courses? Would you like to share it with others? We are looking forward to your feedback on our facebook page.

We are happy to present you our upcoming courses this autumn

Here are two special highlights in detail:

21.09.12 – 23.09.12  Power Places of our Ancestors with Pier Hänni

Kientalerhof Newsletter Pier Hänni"Visiting „old places“ is part of human culture or religion since we can remember. At places where our ancestors already lit their fires, hundreds of generations connected with the mysteries of life."
In the surrounding nature of Kiental we find many of these old powerful places. One of them is a very old mountain maple tree up on Griesalp. As you will get to know it in this course in a deeper way, we want to introduce it to you already.Kientalerhof Newsletter Kraftorte der Urahnen Pier Hänni describes it in his book “Power Place Lake of Thun” very fitting:
“Such grandmother-trees have become rare. For that reason you stand awestruck and astonished when you look at them. Below her mighty crown you feel safely protected and easily transferred into other worlds. The little lawn with the single fir trees seems like a holy grove and earns the respect that we give to old nature sanctuaries. This maple tree at the Golderli invites you to give thanks for what you have experienced and say farewell to the day.


15.10.12 – 20.10.12  The Art of conscious Touch with Dirk Oellibrandt

Kientalerhof Newsletter Dirk Ollibrandt “A real shift for all bodyworkers and therapists, who wish to simplify and empower their practice and their life, by reconnecting to the authentic root of all bodywork.
Let’s move our focus away from specific symptoms and focus on awakening the true life potential that is waiting in the depth of the human being. By doing this the client is really stimulated to find his place and make his contribution in life.”

A colourful offer is waiting for you this autumn in Kiental

03.09.12 – 09.09.12   Healing with Sound and Voice with Karl Grunick
07.09.12 – 09.09.12   Daoist Qi Gong: Buddhahands with Ron Timm
12.09.12 – 16.09.12   Healing with the Presence of the Heartfield with Friedrich Wolf
14.09.12 – 16.09.12   Fascia-tissue – The gate to basic Regulation with Jürg Burki
20.09.12 – 23.09.12   Shiatsu with concrete Symptoms with Wilfried Rappenecker
23.09.12 – 23.09.12   Rebalancing Introduction Day (Fascia-, Massage- & Bodytherapy) with Bernd Scharwies
26.09.12 – 30.09.12   SHIMA – The Heart’s Delight with Daniele Kirchmair
27.09.12 – 30.09.12   Dancing-Therapeutic Healingwork – Artwork Body with Bea Ender und Ladina Kindschi
04.10.12 – 08.10.12   Energetic Massage Basic Course with Maria Lucia Bittencourt
10.10.12 – 14.10.12   Energetic Massage Advanced Course with Maria Lucia Bittencourt
12.10.12 – 14.10.12   Creative natural Kitchen and refreshing Body Exercises with Andreas Bossert und Barbara Häberli
18.10.12 – 21.10.12   New Fascia Techniques with Bernd Scharwies
21.10.12 – 23.10.12   Rebalancing Introduction Days (Fascia-, Massage- & Bodytherapy) with Bernd Scharwies

A Note to the course with Wilfried Rappenecker

The Course “Shiatsu with concrete Symptoms – Shiatsu with a clear Focus” with Wilfried Rappenecker starts NEW on Thursday evening, 20th of September
at 8 p.m. (Arrival for dinner at 6 p.m.).
Kientalerhof Newsletter Wilfried Rappenecker

Compared to the original plan it was shortened by one day, because otherwise many people would not have been able to participate. The course hours are still sufficient for the requirements of the EMR. The price of the seminar has been reduced accordingly. More…

Enjoy a free Shiatsu treatment in Kiental

Kientalerhof Newsletter Shiatsu BehandlungThe advanced students of the International Shiatsu School Kiental invite clients with concrete physical symptoms to a free treatment (approximately 1 hour).

Friday 14th of September | Start: 3:00 p.m., 4:15 p.m., 7:15 p.m. or 8:30 p.m.
We are looking forward to your registration: Tel: 033 676 76 27 or contact form.


Day of Bodytherapy

On the Day of Bodytherapy on Saturday, 15th of September you have the possibility to get to know the three bodywork educations (Shiatsu, Cranio, Rebalancing) offered at Kientalerhof.
Informative talks by the teachers and treatments offered by students will give you a touching insight into the different educations. There will be space to answer your questions.

Let there be light

Kientalerhof Newsletter LoungeUntil the last moment before the opening of the summer celebration work was carried out with heavy equipment in the new Lounge (old library).
A massive stone pillar gave way and the windows were enlarged. New paint, cosy sofas and not to forget the beautiful artworks of Mascha Müller and Cornelia Bettschen complete the new style. Flooded with light, the Lounge now invites you to sit down, relax and be in touch with other guests.
More pictures of the new lounge you can find here.

We are looking forward to your next visit in Kiental and wish you a wonderful late summer full of joy and gratitude.

Warm greetings from Kiental

Your Kientalerhof Team

PS: From now on you can view the amazing Blüemlisalp live – at any time – from sunrise till sunset:

Webcam Kiental