Newsletter 3 | 2013

Newsletter 3 | 2013

Kientalerhof has been through an intense transition period. The visible results are structural changes and newly designed rooms: “Tilia”, with her feminine name, for example, now forms the center of our house.

Transition periods are always an expression of the present, the here and now, of what was and of what will be. What really matters, the place we continuously find ourselves in, is the here and now. Transition period and present – everything else has already happened or is not yet happening. The question is whether we get stuck in what was or whether we are allowing ourselves to get blocked by what is yet to come. Actually, everything that we offer at Kientalerhof is about integrating the past and the future in such a way that the present gets impregnated as well as freed by the later. In this way we are fully able to be in the here and now.

With this in mind I am pleased to point out to you some “gems” in our program and wish you a joyjul time in these times of transition.

Kientalerhof reconstruction stage results in new colorful seminar rooms

Kientalerhof Newsletter Seminarraum TiliaThe expansion of the DO-JO and our new classroom Tilia are done after a one-year renovation period. On our website under Vermietung Seminarhaus (rent-out of Kientalerhof as seminar house) you can find more pictures and information. The press has described this transformation as very successful, colorful and impressive: See Berner Oberländer and Frutigländer.

Upcoming courses

* = EMR/ASCA compliant / ** external course providers
08.06.13 – 09.06.13 – Tuning forks on the 12 acupuncture meridians*
10.06.13 – 11.06.13 – Tuning forks on the 8 extraordinary meridians*
14.06.13 – 16.06.13 – Qi Gong – Rising and Sinking*
22.06.13 – 23.06.13 – Family and systemic constellations
27.06.13 – 30.06.13 – Energetics of shamanic healing and creating *
28.06.13 – 30.06.13 – Rituals in power places
05.07.13 – 07.07.13 – SHIMA Magic Fire – Tantra, Dance & Ritual
06.07.13 – 11.07.13 – Continuum intensive course *
07.07.13 – 12.07.13 – Music improvisation (MLP)*
25.07.13 – 28.07.13 – Songs of the heart
25.07.13 – 28.07.13 – Holistic Health Week*
28.07.13 – 03.08.13 – Touch, contact and relationship*
05.08.13 – 09.08.13 – Gypsy on the mountain
10.08.13 – 16.08.13 – Jinen Butoh “Magic Fire”
11.08.13 – 16.08.13 – Hatha Yoga: Meditation Retreat
23.08.13 – 25.08.13 – SoulCamp 2013
30.08.13 – 01.09.13 – Cosmo energy work
18.09.13 – 22.09.13 – Human Empowerment Retreat**

New in our program

* = EMR/ASCA compliant
28.07.13 – 03.08.13 – Touch, contact and relationship*
Kientalerhof Newsletter Renata Batruch und Karl GrunickWith Renata Batruch and Karl Grunick
In this seminar we will explore and learn the interconnected principles of touch, contact and relationship – a group of topics of fundamental importance for therapy settings as well as everyday.

11.08.13 – 16.08.13 – Hatha Yoga: Meditation Retreat
Kientalerhof Newsletter Basu BidstrupWith Basu Bidstrup
We use this recreational time to develop many new ideas for a more conscious lifestyle. Through the systematic use of old yogic techniques we awaken a self-awareness within us that opens doors to deep inner experiences.

05.09.13 – 08.09.13 – Interplay between the development of movement and the meridians*
Kientalerhof Newsletter Bill PalmerWith Bill Palmer
Bill’s research on child development suggests that meridians accurately represent the paths along which children learn to move and to inhabit their bodies. The Yang meridians show how muscles contract to make movements possible. Many of the most effective techniques in motion-Shiatsu are based on this principle. The Yin meridians relate to internal integration and motivation and one has to develop more subtle ways to feel and contact them. The latter is the main objective of this workshop. More…

27.09.13 – 29.09.13 – Integrative process monitoring IBP *
Kientalerhof Newsletter Bettina Läuchli und Franz MichelWith Bettina Läuchli and Franz Michel
As a body therapist you expand your skills, deepen your competence and accompany clients through the mental processes that get activated by bodywork. This very hands-on approach helps integrate the newly acquired skills into your own treatments. Within the course of this training the participants will go through their own development process and thus develop relationship skills towards oneself and others. More…

Start of body therapy training

02.07.13 – 07.07.13 – Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, Level 1
04.08.13 – 11.08.13 – Shiatsu, Level 1
25.08.13 – 31.08.13 – Colon Hydro Therapy, Teil 1
18.10.13 – 23.10.13 – Rebalancing, Level 1
25.11.13 – 30.11.13 – Ayurveda Massage Practitioner, Level 1
25.11.13 – 30.11.13 – Ayurveda Dietitian, Level 1

Day of body therapy

On Saturday June 22, 2013 the next day of body therapy will take place with lectures, talks and mini treatments by course instructors.

Kientalerhof Newsletter Natural Sound Openair 2013

Natural Sound Openair Fri 12.07.2013 – Sun 14.07.2013

This small, elegant, and family-friendly open air event with village and world music has become known throughout Switzerland. The program is packed with musical treats!

Packages for hiking and relaxing in Kiental

In addition to our spa we now offer weekend and 7-day packages for “rolling stones”. Families with children are welcome!

In our pristine valley with the earthy, striking limestone mountains, the water is still allowed to run wild and undisturbed. For some Kiental is a fantastically beautiful, varied nature reserve with numerous hiking trails and adventure trails, for others our home is a powerful and magical place.

Kientalerhof Newsletter Collage
Whether you come here for an inspiring workshop, mindful and therapeutic bodywork, exciting encounters or for the sheer beauty of nature – everyone feels at home here and returns empowered by their Kientalerhof experience.

We look forward to welcoming you here!

Warm greetings
Mario Binetti
Kientalerhof Management